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🎀Friday Night Bright🎀 Deets over at the weekendfatshionista blog. #fatshionista #fashionforwardplus #lifethrowscurves #curvynstyle #thickgirlsrock #plussize #fashion #fatshion #curvy

🎀Friday Night Bright🎀 Deets over at the weekendfatshionista blog. #fatshionista #fashionforwardplus #lifethrowscurves #curvynstyle #thickgirlsrock #plussize #fashion #fatshion #curvy

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I'm Quani: Writer/Motivational speaker/Fashion enthusiast. This blog began as a challenge to push myself to explore my personal style and evolve. However it's become so much more. I love having the opportunity to challenge my readers to fully embrace who they are, make the most of the life they're creating and look good while doing it...according to our OWN standard!!